A range of calculators - Budgeting, Savings and Investments, Retirement Planning and Savings, Kiwisaver, Personal Loans, Mortgage, Government and Local Government Debt, Interest Rate, Conversion, and some  for fun.

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1) Pay Yourself First - a detailed budgeting calculator

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Savings and Investments

This page provides links to media releases from 2005 to current times - releases generally come from a monetary reform perspective.

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Retirement Planning and Saving

Comments on current issues from :
1) As JP Czit
2) Monetary Justice
3) Katherine Ransom

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Podcasts from Raf Manji, John Pemberton, Richard C Cooke, Ellen Brown, and others.

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Personal Loan

News Feeds from the Beehive (The New Zealand Government) - Budget 2015, Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Economic Development, Finance, Local Government, Revenue,  Social Development, Social Housing, and Trade

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A magazine produced by the New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit. Democrats stand for social and economic justice. At the heart of their vision for New Zealand is a fundamental reform of the monetary system. They propose establishing a more democratic control of the money supply, whereby the Government -owned Reserve Bank would create a greater share of the money needed, without the burden of private interest charges.

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Public Debt

Government and Local Government debt calculators.

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Interest Rate

A selection of links to videos about the money system and the need for financial reform.

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A site of family, culture and community - a reflection of her life’s adventures and dreams; A site designed to promote a new way of solving some of the problems our communities currently have to deal with.

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